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Our Difference: Fusion


Performance isn’t black or white, either/or. Excellence is about the optimal integration of the best of your talents, people and capabilities. It’s always both/and.

Fusion is our answer to the future of performance gains in an increasingly challenging environment. It is a different and powerful way of solving problems. Based on 20 years of research and development. Fusion Thinking helps leaders integrate the hard and soft dimensions of their business to create the next level of performance.

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Strategy Case Studies


Rediscovering relevancy in a turbulent world

We used our Fusion tools to unlock a breakout strategy for the leading pharmaceuticals company Sanofi, in the UK. In the face of a radically changing marketplace, we helped the leadership team discover actionable insights that were used to create a new competitive strategy. Quantum Thinking was deployed to release a wave of innovation throughout the organisation. In a world where there are no data points, our methods help leaders create their own data to navigate uncertainty. New strategic capabilities are being created throughout the organisation to bring the ideas into reality. Engagement scores have dramatically risen.


Starting a revolution at the top

StubHub, an eBay company, is the world’s largest ticket marketplace, providing fans with a safe, convenient place to get tickets to concerts, theatre and sporting events, and an easy way to sell their tickets when they can’t go. StubHub reinvented the ticket resale market in 2000, but has a visionary destination for 2020. However, like many leadership teams consumed in delivering value today, the senior team found they weren’t focused with sufficient intensity on value tomorrow. Over the course of a year, we worked to transform their focus on the future and innovation, creating the motivation for change and the drive to produce a highly detailed and actionable blueprint for transformation.


Relevancy in the 21st Century

Launched in 1981, Karen Millen has grown into an iconic brand with highly distinctive women’s clothing. In 2013, CEO, Mike Sherwood, and Creative Director, Gemma Metheringham, decided to lead a renaissance of the company as it continues to expand globally. Working with the senior team, we helped them to create a brand vision and an agenda for innovation that is driving growth and profitability.

SM White out_blue logo

Aside from being one of the coolest and innovative companies in the world, Stella McCartney is also one of the most commercially successful fashion brands.

We worked with the CEO, Stella McCartney and the senior team to chart the company’s future and identify the drivers of future breakthrough performance and innovation.   We continue to be a trusted advisor on strategy and people innovation.

States of Jersey logo-main

Political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors all need to be taken into account when planning the short and long term priorities for Jersey.

Working with teams from the business, HR and OD, we created a strategy map to help the organisation navigate the paradox of short and long term public service priorities, and to align departments, teams and individuals to the activities that matter most.

WHITE david-lloyd-logo copy

David Lloyd Leisure: Redefining The Member Experience

David Lloyd Leisure is on a journey to build a culture that places its members firmly back at the heart of everything they do. Supported by major financial investment by the new owners, our ‘Signature Service’ initiative was designed to produce a positive step change in the member experience. All aspects of the member journey were reviewed (‘cumulative gain of marginal losses’) to identify root causes to then re-establish David Lloyd as the premium leisure brand.

WHITE Royal_London

Royal London Creating collaborative performance and shared success across the new organisational ‘ecosystem’

As Royal London’s organisation has changed to support the Group Strategy it has become even more imperative that people work together collaboratively across boundaries. We are supporting leaders to make breakthroughs in how to work together effectively in a highly inter-dependent structure. Through a highly practical programme of action learning and experimentation, coaching to cross-functional project teams and personal development we are developing the mindset, skillset and toolset needed to help individuals and the business thrive.

Leadership Case Studies

sony music

Your business is unique. Your sources of strategic competitive advantage are distinctive. Yet your leadership development programmes aren’t tailor-made to enable your leaders to deliver your business strategy. Using our Value Integration design methodology, we created a global leadership development programme for Sony Music that was tailor-made to turbo-charge the performance of their characteristically creative leaders.

allianz toyota sanofi

Exceptional leaders stand out because they have both the capability (skills and experience) and capacity (self-awareness, resilience and emotional intelligence) to lead their organisation and people to success. Traditionally leaders have been encouraged to place most emphasis on horizontal development – adding more skills and experience to their repatoire and being able to ‘do’ more for the organisation. However, without coupling this with vertical, personal development, individuals are rarely able to function at the highest leadership levels. Working with Allianz, Sanofi and Toyota, we’ve created bespoke leadership programmes and experiences to address both the horizontal and vertical development needs of today’s leaders.

allianz santander private banking superdrug royal london

Our leaders view engagement as a task rather than an essential part of their capability

Clients often come to us when employee engagement has plateaued, and a process/task approach to engagement has reached the limits of what it can achieve.  Working with organisations including Allianz, Royal London Group, Santander Private Banking and Superdrug, we’ve helped leaders to not only ‘do’ engagement activities, but to ‘be’ more engaging leaders.

BBVA white out

BBVA is on a mission to create a new type of customer centric banking

We are working with its leaders around the world to affect a profound shift in mind-set – the foundation of transformation in the digital age.   A major component is building a powerful international community of champions with the motivation and tools to innovate rapidly and shift the mind-set of 130,000 of their colleagues.  Key to the programme’s success is constant experimentation fuelled by data and agile design.


Talent is a critical success factor in the music industry – both artists and employees. We partnered with the Global Talent Team within Warner Music to create a bespoke senior leadership programme to develop the leaders they need to deliver the future of the music industry. Now in it’s second year, Top Line, continues to create both new revenue opportunities as well as future business leaders.

Allianz WHITE

Allianz 'Routes To Success': A Leadership Journey

‘Routes To Success’ is Allianz’s flagship leadership development programme, designed to identify and nurture the very best talent across the business over a 10-month leadership journey of exploration and discovery. We design and facilitate what is a transformational programme in every sense (professionally and personally) as we accompany and support delegates each step of the way, both individually and collectively. ILM endorsement adds further kudos to a programme already held in such high esteem.


How Sony Music Develops Innovation Leaders

Keeping ahead in one of the world’s most disruptive industries needs continuous innovation. That’s why Sony Music Entertainment puts its global leaders through Amplify, an award-winning leadership programme co-designed with DPA to develop disruptive innovation capabilities.

Amplify is an experiential programme that rapidly equips leaders with the latest innovation capabilities whilst building personal resilience needed to lead in a volatile world.

WHITE 2 howdens_logo copy

Howdens Leading through the complexity, scale and demands of rapid business growth

We are taking over 50 leaders in Howdens’ Supply division on a long-term development journey as part of their ambitious growth plans. Through a series of diverse learning events, supported by 1:1 and peer coaching, we are developing the mindset, awareness and skills required to enable leaders and their teams to perform at their best, drive innovation and collaboration and develop a long-term pipeline of talent that will fuel long-term success.

Innovation Case Studies

pernod ricard

Global premium drinks producer  Pernod Ricard (PRUK) needed a culture of innovation to support its revitalised UK growth strategy. Our Innovation Assessment unlocked new insights about PRUK’s ways of working that we used to design a bespoke and highly successful innovation capability programme.


There are many leaders who can ‘lead’ an already successful organisation on a steady business plan. However, business leaders that are genuinely capable of taking organisation into new territory, in uncharted market conditions are supremely rare. We call them Innovation Leaders. We’ve worked with a range of clients, including Sony Electronics, to create bespoke Innovation Leadership programmes to deliver new types of leaders, capable of leading the organisation into the future.

allianz sony sanofi sony music pernod ricard telefonica wiley

From CEOs to customer-facing staff we have equipped entire organisations with powerful yet practical tools and ideas that deliver transformational innovation performance.

WHITE-3-EBay_logo copy

How ebay sparked an innovation mindset amongst European employees

In one of the world’s fastest moving sectors, ebay needs its people to be continually open to new ideas – especially ideas that feel impossible and yet have game-changing potential.

As part of a wider innovation leadership programme, DPA helped 700 ebay people develop an “impossible” mindset at an innovation summit in Barcelona. In three hours delegates co-created a one-hour music festival that included brand new music, dance performances and merchandise for three new bands.

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