About DPA

We are a leadership consultancy

We develop leaders to transform their business model, grow a culture of innovation, create breakthrough performance through people and teams, and to maximise their personal impact.

Meet The Team

Jean Gomes - CEO

Jean Gomes


Tammy Day - Managing Director

Tammy Day

Managing Director

Jean and the DPA team have been instrumental in helping our growth strategy in the context of the new world dynamics. They have given our leaders the right mindset to enable our continued success in these fast-changing times.

Andrew Williams Chief Executive Officer, Halma Plc

Truly world class, DPA don’t just set the bar. You ARE the bar.

Scott Allender, SVP, Talent Strategy And Development, Warner Music Group

Michael Weaver - Programme Director

Michael Weaver

Programme Director

James Glover

Programme Director

Francis Briers - Senior Consultant

Francis Briers

Senior Consultant

Phil Kerby - Senior Consultant, Digital

Phil Kerby

Head of Digital

Emma Sinclair - Consultant

Emma Sinclair

Senior Consultant

Matt Harrison

Senior Consultant

Arjun Sahdev

Head of Innovation

Melody McMillan - Consultant

Melody McMillan


DPA's creative, but practical, approach to inspiring, mobilising and developing our people has made a direct contribution to our growth and success as a business.

Isobel Langton, CEO, Intermediary Division, Royal London

Jo Mears


Marti Evans


Cathy Butcher

Operations Manager

Laura Mason

Management Team Assistant

Lisa Stephens - Director Team Assistant

Lisa Stephens

On maternity leave

Daisy Phillips

Programme Coordinator

Glyn Lewis - Head of Studio

Glyn Lewis

Head of Studio

Michelle Beagley

Graphic Designer

David Andrews

Finance Manager

Accreditations & Awards

The DPA team holds a number of awards and professional accreditations. Here are just a few.

How we work

One of the things we’re most proud of is the length of relationships we have with leaders and organisations, many extending back 10-20 years. We believe this is because of four priorities we hold dear.

Mutual ambition
The first is a mutual ambition to the work. We treat each client’s business challenge as if it was our own. Mutual ambition is about deeply understanding our client’s reality, desired outcomes and the realistic nature of possibility. Together this creates a shared agenda, unlocking the full potential of our client’s business and our capabilities.

Deeper design
Second is deeper design. We seek to see problems and solutions holistically, so our work delivers real, long term value. The diversity of thinking and skills at DPA encourage everyone to think outside of their own expertise.

True partnership
This leads to true partnership; because breakthroughs in performance – genuine differentiation, innovation, real leadership shifts, progressive organisational design – require significant trust to build collaboration. Our model, and our values, are founded on creating lasting partnerships with clients.

Focus on outcomes
Finally, this creates a real focus on outcomes. Taking shared responsibility for results has some important implications. Religiously sticking to a brief, when it’s clear we won’t achieve the result, is worthless. We adapt rapidly to what we learn, whilst keeping the ‘red thread’. We believe in being inspiring leaders with our clients and having the vision, skills and emotional courage to make things happen.

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