Arjun Sahdev Head of Innovation

As Head of Innovation at DPA, Arjun helps to unlock future growth opportunities by bringing together a blend of creative thinking with a data-driven, analytical approach. His work is multi-dimensional and draws on his ability to be both an innovator – who seeks and develops ideas – and an enabler/initiator – who creates the necessary structures and processes for meaningful growth to occur.

Arjun has previously worked for two leading investment banks in the competitive world of sales & trading. As one of the youngest on the trading floor, he progressed quickly and made a big impact in helping to widen the scope for financial institutions in the MENA region to use FX derivatives. Arjun has been entrepreneurial his whole life and after leaving the City, he reconnected with work in this arena. A desire for fresh challenges, more purpose and a deeper impact led to him founding and scaling two businesses. One of these, a successful start-up in the wellbeing space, was born out of a vision to shift some of the ways multinational corporations think about the holistic employee experience – drawing on lessons learnt and observed from the corporate world. This led him to meeting Jean Gomes and working with The Energy Project for 2 years, deepening its impact in Europe, before joining sister company DPA.

Arjun’s background and breadth of knowledge enables him to combine his insights of finance, analytics, growth strategies and innovation, with his interest in transforming the businesses of tomorrow and his ambition to leave a positive dent in the universe.

Arjun sees himself as being in permanent beta; continuously developing, adapting and evolving to keep himself relevant. As a result, he engages in an eclectic range of content and disciplines – from weightlifting, time-restricted eating and testing the superfood-of-the-month; to stoic philosophy, learning Spanish and diving into disruptive technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Arjun loves spending quality time with friends and family; and also enjoys mentoring younger members of his community – regularly volunteering on Resurgo’s Spear Programme.

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