Matt Harrison Senior Consultant

At the core, Matt believes that most people probably only touch on a fraction of their potential. He has a passion for helping them find just that little bit more, building a platform for useful change. He loves witnessing the moments of insight people have that lead to them going about their working lives slightly differently.

Matt has spent the last 13 years working in psychology, talent, and leadership in New Zealand and the UK. He started his career working in the NZ Defence Force supporting people in training and operations. On top of a foundation of talent assessment – getting the right people into the right roles for both them and the organisation – Matt worked closely with individuals, teams, and leaders who faced complex, technical, and high-risk challenges to build high performance into their roles. Matt led the psychology team in the Royal New Zealand Navy and was subsequently deputy director of psychology for the NZDF. He also did considerable work with NZDF’s Institute of Leader Development.

Matt moved to the UK in 2015 where he worked as a senior and then managing consultant in talent management at SHL. He’s worked successfully across a variety of industries in the UK and Europe, specialising in senior and executive level assessment and development.

Matt is also enthusiastic about the potential of teams in the changing world of work – how groups of people work together in innovation and at speed to deliver relevance and competitive advantage.

Matt has a master’s degree in psychology and a bachelor’s degree in commerce. He is a chartered psychologist in NZ and the UK. He is highly experienced in using psychometric tools including the Hogan and SHL suites. He’s also a scuba diving instructor, a paraglider pilot, and a keen motorcycle traveller.

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