Phil Kerby Head of Digital

Phil has spent more than 20 years working with technology. He started his first digital business in 1997 at a time when the internet and digital media were young but starting to grow rapidly. The business enjoyed six years of continued and rapid growth before Phil successfully exited the business in 2003. Of course, during that period, in addition to the successes, Phil also experienced the growing pains faced by so many young innovative businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s the satisfaction enjoyed when you overcome those issues that led Phil to accept his first consulting role in the summer of 2003, and he has been advising businesses ever since.

Phil joined DPA as Senior Consultant, Digital in January 2017. At DPA, leading innovation is a big part of our work. Organisations of all sizes, in all sectors, and on all continents are becoming increasingly aware as to how our physical, digital and biological worlds are overlapping due to ongoing developments in areas that include artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IOT), quantum computing and nano technology. As our clients face up to these challenges, Phil’s experience as an entrepreneur and business person, his deep understanding around the latest developments in tech, and the ability to translate these into consultancy-led solutions means that he adds real value to the programmes we deliver to our clients.

Phil led the design, build and implementation of DPA’s bespoke digital learning platform (DPA Digital) during the second half of 2017. The result is a world class digital portal that forms a bespoke digital spine throughout DPA’s larger leadership and transformation programmes. Phil closely monitors how new digital techniques and technologies evolve, with a view to keeping DPA at the bleeding edge of digital learning and development delivery.

Phil completed the executive MBA programme at the University of Surrey in 2008 and is also a member of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs.

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