Bespoke workshop facilitation and keynote speaking.

Our world-class facilitators and business consultants are available to facilitate workshops and for keynote speaking

Often bespoke workshop design involves a Fusion approach, blending the facilitation of your live business or team challenges, with new ideas, stimulus and learning, and sometimes elements of team building too. For some clients we are commissioned for a one-off event, for other clients we are on their preferred roster of business facilitators.

Whatever the brief, we will work with the sponsor to understand the brief and deliver the result on the day and beyond. Our facilitators are well versed at working at plc Board level through to facilitating workshops for small teams. All of our senior facilitators have more than 15 years of business experience, and so plenty to fall back on when things don’t quite go according to plan! We understand there is often a lot riding on getting a good outcome from the one day you have as a team. We’re known as a safe and capable pair of hands.

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5 Year People Strategy Facilitation


Global Growth Transformation Planning


Strategic Thinking Workshop Facilitation

“Capable hands and commanding delivery, both in terms of content and style.”


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Facilitation With Props!


Keynote At Team Event

Business Facilitation

Around Live Team Issues


Senior HR Team Facilitation

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Rio Olympics Planning And Debrief

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Communications Team Facilitated Workshop


Jean Gomes Keynote At HITEx Event

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