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ASPIRO Programme

Shifting mindset to embrace the future

How does a large traditional Spanish bank, with legacy and a long history, build a foundation for transformation to understand, embrace and respond to the digital age?

Aspiro is a global development programme designed to affect a profound mindset shift in BBVA’s senior leaders and identify a community of nearly 500 champions to innovate rapidly and motivate 130,000 of their colleagues. This was a twelve month
engagement culminating in an intensive three month programme with 35 champions workshops across the globe, and resulting in over 100 active business experiments.

BBVA now have a purpose driven group of change agents with experimentation as a habit, and a community of leaders with the vision and energy to improve the customer experience and organisational efficiency through experiments. Recognising opportunity is just the start; the real challenge comes with getting leaders to understand, embrace and respond to a new digital age.

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