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Amplify Programme

How Sony Music develops innovation leaders

Keeping ahead in one of the world’s most disruptive industries needs continuous innovation. That’s why Sony Music Entertainment puts its global leaders through Amplify, an award-winning leadership programme co-designed with DPA to develop disruptive innovation capabilities.

Now in its fourth cycle, Amplify is an experiential programme that rapidly equips leaders with the latest innovation capabilities whilst building the personal resilience needed to lead in a volatile world. This is a six month programme with three key elements, one of which is a five day intensive immersion week. The programme involved 60 delegates in its first two years and has more recently moved to 75. The programme has also won the HR Distinction Award for People Development, and was featured in the CIPD People Management magazine.

Sony believe this programme is a clear factor in the transformation of their business and the retaining of their key talent. To create truly transformative disruptive development you need to be brave, fully committed and invest for success.

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