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Warner Music Group

Top Line Programme

Developing top talent for WMG

Now in its third iteration, Top Line is an ambitious development programme designed to grow the leaders WMG needs for the future of their business. One of the challenges of the design was to best serve the learning styles of both the creative and corporate function delegates who attend.

Featuring three learning events in different global locations and an embedded digital learning spine, Top Line takes 32 delegates on a journey of self discovery learning about themselves, how they develop talent and lead their teams, and how they need to take the business forward in the future. Part of the wider WMG development suite, the programme is widely regarded by the business as a game-changer in terms of senior leadership capability.

More than 65% of delegates from the first two cohorts have gone on to expanded or larger global roles. The powerful Top Line alumni network continues to grow.

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Top Line Class Of 2017-18


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