Leading Teams
Working with intact leadership and senior teams within departments and organisations to enable their high performance


LEaD Programme

Building an effective leadership team

We worked with the leadership team at Gumtree to transform them into a high performing team, capable of leading the ambitious vision and strategy pro-actively in the business.

This nine month programme resulted in a significant step-up in team energy and focus, with each individual taking higher accountability for the part they played in the senior leadership team.

Senior leadership meeting time shifted its focus to the future of the business rather than daily operations, and decisions were made to drive greater cross collaboration and efficiency between teams in the wider business. Overall stronger team relations created a high level of trust, a sense of unity and active collaboration for the overall success of the business.

“The work that DPA did for Gumtree was extremely valuable. Over the course of a half year DPA helped us forging and forming a new kind of leadership team for the company.”

Morten Heuing, General Manager, Gumtree

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