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Game Changing Conversations

Tackling the business conversations you need to have, but perhaps don’t want to…

We are part of the Henley Partnership Programme and each year deliver, to a group of around 60 senior Executives from different organisations, a masterclass on planning, practicing and delivering ‘game changing conversations’. These are the conversations that are often difficult, but have a fundamental impact on the performance of your business, department or team. As individuals we often avoid them through dislike of conflict, or fear of generating emotion in other people. They are often more wide ranging than a performance management conversation.

This practical workshop enables participants to tackle and practice a live ‘game changing conversation’ that they need to have, in a safe environment. We help them to find the motivation to do it, we look at where people may come into conflict using relationship awareness theory, and strategies to create a win-win outcome without compromising the overall objective.

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