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Our in-house studio is a small team of highly skilled perfectionists who support our consultants and clients with compelling and engaging learning materials through great looking design.

With over 35 years of combined creative experience, the design thinking in the DPA Studio centres around understanding our clients and the challenges their organisation face. Key to this is defining core values and direction of travel, and this is done by building strong and effective relationships where ideas and concepts can be realised into inspiring and eye-catching graphics.

The studio work hard to fulfil and exceed client expectations through a mix of traditional, tactile design and cutting edge digital formats and ideas. Our work spans branding, infographics, brochures, posters and workbooks for use in print and digital for use on our clients’ learning development programmes.

An important part of who we are and the value we offer is our in-house photography, video and printing capabilities, meaning that we have the flexibility to produce all forms of supporting material for our clients’ learning events, cost-effectively and often, at very short notice.


At DPA we use our own premium digital learning platform (DPA Digital), bespoke digital tools and programme led high quality digital content as a means of both strengthening and extending the learning that takes place during the face to face elements of a DPA leadership development programme.

Our core approach is to build a digital spine that runs throughout the programme and provides communications, support, e-learning modules and the facility for each cohort member to comment, join conversations and collaborate through a single digital platform. We can then add bespoke functionality, often developed specifically for a programme that might include options such as interactive behavioural experiments, breakout areas where a cohort can split into groups and work collaboratively or a gateway into a virtual classroom for a remote leadership session.

Working with our own digital platform means that we have complete flexibility when it comes to the digital architecture. It also means that we are able to tailor the look and feel of each programme environment with the inclusion of client branding. During the initial DPA Digital design phase, our priority was not to fall into the same traps that have marred the user experience and reduced the real value delivered by many of the well-known Learning Management Systems (LMS). Ours is not a one size fits all approach that so often results in a learning environment bloated with a broad and extensive range of features that couldn’t possibly fit the requirement for every client. Instead, DPA Digital delivers a bespoke focused learning experience for each of our clients.

For users, the DPA Digital experience is designed to be easy and engaging. It’s designed in such a way that it works effortlessly on all desktop and mobile platforms. It has a premium look and feel with beautiful imagery and the highest quality carefully curated content. Our goal is to attain the highest level of engagement across each cohort on all of our programmes and DPA Digital is a key part of this.

At DPA, we believe that nothing can ever replace the value gained from attending one of our face to face leadership development workshops. However, the addition of a digital spine that is delivered through the DPA Digital interface means that we are able to deliver even more, making it easier for our learning communities to engage and grow.

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